Commitment and company policy

Cafés Ibiza, as a leading company in the coffee sector, considers it essential to always seek the highest quality in its products.

To do this, it searches for coffee in the countries of origin with the most suitable characteristics and the highest level.

The roasting process is artisan and daily, which ensures that the coffee has a perfect aroma and flavor.

Another of our commitments is to achieve the maximum welfare of the consumers of our products.

Day after day, at Cafés Ibiza we listen to the opinions and suggestions of our clients and we adapt to their tastes and needs quickly and efficiently.

Since the beginning of the company in 1958, Cafés Ibiza has always had the invaluable help of its staff, who with the desire to do things well and give a careful customer service, created the germ of the current company. Today, this principle and the commitment to continuously improve the organization continue to predominate.

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